Sunday, May 16, 2010

The "Icarus Falling" Story

They didn't come in peace.

David Hendricks is a former United States military officer trained to reverse engineer foreign technology. During a private consulting job with the FBI, he is recruited by a covert operations unit specializing in recovery of alien spacecraft. It is a job he might regret taking.

A Top Secret U.S. government agency plans to do more than look at UFO wreckage. They want to bring down a ship using a little ingenuity and lots of luck. Colonel MacKay, the mission commander, is an overachieving hard-nosed military expert who will stop at nothing to succeed. Starting intergalactic war is a small price to pay.

Cory is an alien abductee angry over his long years of insane torture. Finding out about the mission, he convinces the military to use him as bait. Dr. Sheila Brannan, who specializes in terrorist organizations, will use paranormal mind games to communicate. Both find themselves unprepared for the encounter.

For the laid back pragmatist Hendricks, getting along with his quirky colleagues is the first step of survival against an alien culture fighting to keep secrets. Deadly intentions guard wonderment and technological marvels. Success could bring the greatest discovery or the worst disaster.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Closer to Ready

This last week the book proof for Icarus Falling  arrived for preview. No date has been set for the release yet, but corrections are getting made. Most of the edits are word choices, grammar errors, and missed paragraph indention. After the book proof has been read and adjusted then a more solid date of publication can be announced. Of course, keep checking back here for new information and any schedules. Its all in the starting stages; a very exciting time.

If you know others that might be interested in science fictions, U.F.O. stories, or reading in general, pass this blog along to them.