Saturday, September 11, 2010

Order Icarus Falling Today! Official Copy.

Finally, the wait is over for "Icarus Falling" to purchase. Click on the book cover link on the right to order at Lulu the Parking Orbit Publishing product. Get it now and tell your family and friends who would be interested in some adventure reading. Don't forget to request a copy for your local library.

It can also be ordered as an e-book in a PDF format to be downloaded to your computer. This can be read in Adobe Acrobat, or transferred to an e-book reader that supports PDF files like the Kindle DX. Changes have made it more reader friendly.

After ordering, drop on by again to share your thoughts on the book or subjects relating to it's story. Maybe there are questions you have that you would like answered in a sequel. Perhaps your into the unknown and paranormal and have some stories or theories to share. Whatever your reason, come back for good conversation.

Good reading to you!

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