Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Things in Heaven and Earth

Before taking a trip down roads of the unexplained, I wanted to write about my beliefs when talking about the paranormal. Sure, religion can be put in this category, but I don't see them in the same light. One is more private and of a serious contemplation. The other that this blog deals with is fun flights of imagining the possible. If true they wouldn't completely change my world view, although make this world far more interesting.

It began at a very young age, although how early is hard to say. Science fiction from Star Trek to Star Wars is part of my family heritage. How that can tie into the more fantastical shouldn't be hard to connect the dots. Assuming that aliens, time warps, and parallel universes can exist, then certainly visitors from space, Bigfoot, and secret government conspiracies aren't out of the question. It is in the questions that the mundane takes on the mystical. Religion may answer the spiritual why, but why not holds its own fascination. As Hamlet said, "And therefore as a stranger give it welcome./ There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Come with me to the very edge of reality.

Unidentified Flying Saucers could be of this Earth or from outer space, but there is no doubt that lights in the sky exist. Almost all of them can be explained away. Because of this too many skeptics brush the whole as delusions and wishful thinking.  They ignore those of such genuine mystery that simple explanations expose human doubt over any real truth revealing. Even myth has a grain of truth. Too many pictures, videos, and eye witnesses prove more is going on than unrecognizable military tests, misidentified stars, and falling meteors.

In the not too distant future there will finally be uncontested proof that Bigfoot exists. Maybe not. What I do believe is that after about one hundred years (or thousands if older texts and folklore can be counted) there is already enough to make a serious case.  All over the world, although concentrated in dense hot spots, castings have been made and hair samples of inconclusive recognition collected. There is something both human and animal out there.

Boo! The universal greetings of spirits, otherwise called ghosts. Perhaps this is the only phenom that I have actually possibly witnessed. Yes, I say possibly because despite my beliefs in these apparitions I am still a skeptic who tries to find explanations. A handful of times I have seen shadows and heard noises that people or shifting gravity is used as a way to excuse the occurrences. Beyond that, all one has to do is watch Ghost Hunters, particularly the first few seasons, to get a taste of the evidence out there.

Give me a break with the Lock Ness Monster. This is one that I simply can't believe in, although other crypto animals do give me pause. There are so many problems with how a creature its size can live and breed in the ice age lake that dismissal is the only logical reaction. Even the most famous picture looks to me like an over arm swimming stroke if its not a floating branch.  I suppose, like some have theorized about U.F.O. visits,  it could  be an interdimensional shifter. Sure, fine, whatever.

The Bermuda Triangle is deadly, but that can be explained naturally enough. Its a big space of water like Alaska has a sprawling sea of ice and land (where another such place is said to exist).  The celebrated flight 19 ran into radio problems, mistakes in navigation, bad weather, and eventual loss of fuel. It hasn't been found because water is deep rather than sucked into a space-time gravitational vortex.

Ancient aliens are a mixed bag. Pointing to art as proof of visits from paranormal civilization is problematic at best. The human imagination is vast and deep, with creativity often going beyond the real and into stylistic. Might someone a thousand years from now read Icarus Falling and conclude that its a thinly veiled historical account put in literary narrative form? I hope not, although frankly it would be cool to be so highly regarded as an author. Still, there are some ancient historical narratives that cannot be interpreted any other way than the author was a witness to something extraordinary. The meaning and actual experiences of course can be argued.

If there are aliens and flying ships then there can definitely be abductions and contactees. There are some high profile incidents that are very credible and then at least one that I don't believe at all. I won't go into this until later on when I talk about books and do a series on the history of the paranormal. Assuming that in fact aliens really do exist and aren't symptoms of mental disease , one of my greatest wishes is to be abducted by aliens. Let them probe and test me. Its not like I haven't had that happen to me by doctors (those who know me will know what I am talking about). At least I would have my own absolute proof.

Oswald killed President JFK without any help. Just thought I would throw that one in there. However, much like I believe with Pearl Harbor, high level officials knew it was coming and let it happen. President LBJ was that untrustworthy in my mind. He wanted power and others wanted him to have it, with Oswald and other radicals too convenient to protect against. It wasn't a matter of when, but of who. "I'm just a patsy," Oswald claimed, and there is truth to this. The problem is that he brought himself unwittingly into the conspiracy. Ruby? A little nudge by the right people and he would shut the "patsy" voice up and forever make what really happened a mystery.

There are many other paranormal topics that could be covered at another time. This includes mental telepathy, out of body experiences, angels and demons, men in black, gravitational shifts, and much more. What do you think?

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